December, 1999

Investigate sludge dumping (and smell) on farms
by S.C. Reinhold, Lancaster
That smell ? It's from a papermill
by Robert A. Giberson, Willow Street

Letters to the Editor, Lancaster New Era, December 14, 1999

Smelly odor around city
Lancaster New Era, December 15, 1999

Officials still seek source of city stink
Sewer plant, tobacco firms, paper mill not likely culprits
by Tim Buckwalter, Lancaster New Era, 16 December, 1999

River may be source of stench
No easy answers, smell seekers say
Stench possible from river
by Stephen Trapnell, Lancaster New Era, December 17, 1999

Stinking mystery continues
by Stephen Trapnell, Lancaster New Era, December 18, 1999

Contest: name that stinky odor
Letter to the Editor, by John Drybred, Lancaster
Lancaster New Era, December 20, 1999

That smell is coming from city sewage plant
Letter to the Editor, by Pat Rendler, New Danville
Lancaster New Era, December 21, 1999

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